Key Figures

All figures are given in millions of € according to IFRS,
unless otherwise specified
Order intake, sales revenue and earnings
Order intake1,080.8946.4722.1614.9553.9
Sales revenue1,051.6884.3683.5588.4544.0
Underlying EBITDA1, 2)288.7231.3160.5135.6117.0
Underlying EBITDA1, 2) as % of sales revenue27.526.223.523.021.5
Relevant net profit1) after non-controlling interest2)176.6139.387.275.264.6
Net profit after non-controlling interest153.7118.072.466.356.8
Research and development costs47.541.534.13)36.031.8
Financial data per share4)
Earnings per share1.671.280.790.720.62
Earnings per share (in €)1, 5)1.921.510.950.820.70
Dividend per share (in €)0.426)0.330.220.200.18
Balance sheet
Balance sheet total1,195.81,066.1907.3873.4793.9
Equity ratio (in %)63.960.759.455.254.8
Capital expenditures80.254.544.234.250.0
Capital expenditures as % of sales revenue7.
Depreciation and amortization44.739.435.630.625.9
Net cash flow from operating activities156.7142.8111.390.148.9
Net debt7)67.686.487.4130.0113.7
Ratio of net debt to underlying EBITDA1, 2)
Total number of employees as of December 314,7254,2023,697 3,2898)2,986

1) Adjusted for extraordinary items

2) For more information on EBITDA, net profit and the underlying presentation, please refer to the Group Business Development chapter and to the Glossary.

3) Restated

4) 2012 to 2015 adjusted for stock split; rounded values

5) After non-controlling interest; adjusted for extraordinary items, non-cash amortization and fair value adjustements of hedging instruments, as well as the corresponding tex effects for each of these items.

6) Amount suggested by the Board of Directors (Conseil d’administration) and subject to approval by the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting.

7) Net debt excludes the liability for the remaining purchase price for acquisitions; 2016: 49.6 million euros, 2015: 47.5 million euros, 2014: 42.8 million euros, 2013: 34.8 million euros, 2012: 34.2 million euros

8) Excluding TAP Biosystems