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Key Figures

All figures are given in millions of € according to the IFRS,
unless otherwise specified
Order intake, sales revenue and earnings
Order intake1,939.5 1,662.51,501.41,334.71,172.7
Sales revenue1,827.01,566.01,404.61,300.31,114.8
Underlying EBITDA1)495.8405.0353.2325.4263.2
Underlying EBITDA1) as a % of sales revenue27.125.925.125.023.6
Relevant net profit2)209.3175.6144.0132.6107.4
Research and development costs95.678.268.859.452.5
Financial data per share3)
Earnings per share2)
per ordinary share (in €)
per preference share (in €)
per ordinary share (in €)
per preference share (in €)
Balance sheet
Balance sheet total2,844.32,526.92,297.71,753.01,437.2
Equity ratio (in %)38.038.535.142.044.9
Capital expenditures5)225.6237.8209.4152.1113.1
Capital expenditures as a % of sales5)12.315.214.911.710.1
Depreciation and amortization132.6113.498.375.758.9
Cash from operating activities377.2244.5206.5170.4124.4
Net debt1,011.3959.5895.5485.9344.0
Gearing (underlying)
Total number of employees as of December 319,0168,1257,5016,9116,185

1) Underlying = excluding extraordinary items

2) After non-controlling interest, adjusted for extraordinary items and non-cash amortization, as well as based on the normalized financial result, including the corresponding tax effects for each of these items

3) 2015 adjusted for stock split; rounded values

4) Amounts suggested by the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board of Sartorius AG

5) Since 2019 and as a result of the change in IFRS 16 accounting principles, CAPEX has been based on cash flow instead of balance sheet computation; CAPEX restated for 2018: €233.2 million; CAPEX ratio restated for 2018: 14.9%