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Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Key Figures for the First Half and Second Quarter of 2020

in millions of € unless otherwise specified
 6 months 20206 months 2019Change in %Change in % cc1
Order Intake and Sales Revenue
Order intake1,048.7778.134.834.1
Sales revenue 869.1709.322.522.0
 - EMEA2340.3288.018.218.3
 - Americas2312.6251.824.121.9
 - Asia | Pacific2216.2169.627.528.5
EBITDA margin3 in %30.228.9  
Net profit4167.4131.127.7 
Earnings per share4 in €1.821.4227.7 
 June 30, 2020Dec. 31, 2019  
Balance Sheet | Financials
Balance sheet total2,224.11,845.4  
Equity ratio in %57.964.4  
Net debt243.2110.4  
Ratio of net debt to underlying EBITDA0.50.3  


in millions of € unless otherwise specified
 2nd Quarter
2nd Quarter
Change in %Change in % cc1
Order Intake and Sales Revenue
Order intake514.0396.829.529.2
Sales revenue447.0366.422.021.7
 - EMEA2172.7147.317.2 
 - Americas2159.9127.125.8 
 - Asia | Pacific2114.492.024.4 
EBITDA margin3 in %30.329.3  
Net profit487.268.527.1 
Earnings per share4 in €0.950.7427.1 

1 cc = in constant currencies

2 According to customer location

3 Underlying EBITDA = earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, and adjusted for extraordinary items

4 Underlying net profit = net profit after non-controlling interest; adjusted for extraordinary items, amortization and based on a normalized financial result and tax rate

5 Figures are not audited nor reviewed